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I'm Full-stack Developer & UI / UX designer

Hello! I'm Jovan, a freelance full-stack developer & UI designer based in Belgrade. Building powerful web apps and responsive websites. Fueling Your business growth.

What I Do?

As a full-stack developer, I've expanded my skills beyond front-end development to encompass backend capabilities. This evolution has enriched my toolkit with technologies like ReactJS and NextJS for frontend, and NodeJS for backend. With this broader expertise, I'm now proficient at creating entire web applications, from designing visually stunning and user-friendly interfaces to building robust server-side logic. Leveraging ReactJS and NextJS, I craft fully responsive and interactive web applications, providing users with engaging experiences. Simultaneously, Webflow remains a key tool in my arsenal, enabling the efficient creation of interactive websites within tight timelines. My primary goal remains unchanged: to transform design and functionality specifications into functional, visually appealing websites that optimize the user experience. I maintain my dedication to staying current with the latest industry trends and advancements in both frontend and backend technologies, ensuring that I provide my clients with cutting-edge and comprehensive solutions.

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What is React react ?

ReactJS is a powerful JavaScript library that enables me to build highly interactive and innovative web applications. Its component-based architecture and virtual DOM allow for the creation of dynamic user interfaces that engage users and drive business success. With ReactJS, I can deliver exceptional, cutting-edge web experiences that stand out from the competition.

What is reactext13?

NextJS is an advanced framework built on top of React that takes web development to the next level. With its server-side-rendering capabilities, NextJS offers lightning-fast page loads and optimized performance. Its routing system simplifies navigation, and the ease of building API routes streamlines backend development. Whether it's creating SEO-friendly applications or crafting dynamic web experiences, NextJS empowers me to deliver top-notch solutions that captivate users and elevate online businesses.

What is webflowebflow?

Webflow is an excellent tool for creating professional, fully-functional CMS websites in a matter of days. Its user-friendly design interface and built-in CMS functionality make it easy for me to deliver high-quality websites to my clients. Additionally, the cost-effectiveness of Webflow enables me to offer my services at more affordable prices, which can greatly benefit my clients by fueling their business growth without breaking the bank.

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    Full-stack Development

    I specialize in crafting end-to-end web applications using Next.js, React, MySQL, MongoDB, and Tailwind CSS. From responsive frontend design to efficient backend logic, I create seamless user experiences that work across devices.

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    Web Design

    The utilization of contemporary design principles, such as minimalism and white space, in tandem with the implementation of CSS and JavaScript for dynamic user interface elements, greatly enhances the aesthetic appeal and usability of a website.

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    Responsive Design

    The utilization of fluid grids, flexible images, and CSS media queries in the implementation of a responsive design approach allows for the seamless adaptation of the layout and functionality of a website to the specific parameters of the user's device.

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    Optimization of keyword density and meta tags, in conjunction with the implementation of backlinking and social media strategies, greatly enhances the visibility and search engine ranking of a website.

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